After initial contact your project will begin with a free consultation to draft needs and desired outcomes.  Important considerations will be addressed such as deadline dates, timescales, budgets and artistic considerations.  A free no obligation quote and workflow itinerary will then be provided.

If a commitment is agreed and you decide to go ahead,  a 'heads of agreement' will be drafted which will detail everything agreed in the consultation.  Should your project require equipment rental or you wish to work in a studio of your choice then an invoice of 50% of the agreed price will be issued to cover booking fees at this point.

As the project progresses reference copies will be made available so you can easily request and analyse changes.  Once you are completely satisfied and I have received payment of your invoice, I will then upload all the files and deliverables you requested.

Typical Project Process

Media Management

Your project's files will be transported and managed using Dropbox for Business, in this way large sessions and file bundles can be moved with ease.  Data transfer is password protected.  Copies of all current work will also be backed up to offline storage, finalised projects will be archived for 12 months (longer duration available upon request).

No two projects are the same - Contact me for an accurate free no obligation quote.

Project Overview