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£20 per track

Digital Restoration

  • Using advanced processing tools such as Izotope RX6 the presence of discrepancies on a recording can be significantly reduced.  In most cases they can be made inaudible without causing other undesirable artefacts.


Restoration can help reduce:

  • Background ambience

  • Hiss caused by noisy equipment

  • Mains hum & voltage spikes caused by power surges

  • Clicks & Pops

1/4" Tape Transfer

£20 per 10" reel

  • Digitisation of 1/4" magnetic tapes.

  • DBX noise reduction decoder.

  • Due to the integrity of some older tapes it may be necessary for them to be baked before transfer is possible.  If this is necessary the cost of this service will be agreed, prior to transfer.

  • Price varies depending on reel size, £20 max per reel.