Recording & Production

  • An opportunity for a free, no cost pre-production session at a rehearsal space to suit you prior to recording.  This comes as part of any recording service.

  • Full 12 hour day of tracking in a studio or location environment.  I have access to a well equipped studio that is excellent for overdubbing work.  For more 'live' sounding recordings there is an option to record on location. Check out what gear I have available here.

  • Should you wish to record at a studio of your choice a 50% advance payment of the agreed price will be necessary in order to cover booking costs.

  • Basic editing is included with all recording services.  This will include 'top & tailing' and conforming of tracks/stems. 


£40 per track


£100 per day

  •  Additional production sessions are available as a cost option in conjunction with tracking sessions prior to recording.

  • Production sessions will include work on structure, arrangement and composition of additional instrumental parts if requested.

  • Delivery of additional parts can made as audio, MIDI or written scores.

  • I have an arsenal of diverse virtual instruments able to bring any track to life.

  • Attended sessions are welcome. 

£20 per track

Detailed Editing

  • Correction of pitching using Celemony Melodyne 4 tuning software.

  • Tempo mapping and accurate timing correction without unwanted artefacts caused by automated processes.

  • Removal of clicks, pops and power spikes using Izotope RX6.

  • Record in ProTools, Logic, Cubase or Reaper.

No two projects are the same - Contact me for an accurate free no obligation quote.